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About the Doctor


Dr. Peeters was born and raised in Rome, NY.  She was first introduced to chiropractic when she was in high school.  She had discomfort that started in the middle of her back and was affecting her ability to play volleyball.  After she began chiropractic care she noticed immediate relief in her discomfort, but over time as she continued with care she noticed a great deal of improvement in her quality of life.  She became healthier, had less problems with allergies and improved her school and sports performance.  "Once chiropractic changed my life, I knew this is what I wanted to do to be able to help as many other people as possible, change their lives.”


Dr. Peeters received her undergraduate degree in Zoology from SUNY Oswego.  She continued her education at the Fountainhead of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  Dr. Peeters was involved in the college as a clinical radiology intern, physical diagnosis assistant and as the captain of the Palmer Women’s Soccer Team.  Dr. Peeters was a member of the 2002 Palmer Clinic Abroad program to Kathmandu, Nepal, where she and others brought humanitarian service and chiropractic care to the people of that country.


In March of 2008 Dr. Peeters received her advanced certification from the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice and Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics(CACCP), for the care of pregnant women and children.  She is certified in the Webster Technique, which has to do with breech birth presentations.


In 2009 and 2012 she and her husband, Andy, welcomed the birth of their two, beautiful daughters, Annabelle and Abigail, and in 2015 the birth of their son, Clayton.  The first of the pregnancies she decided to deliver in the hospital, but the second and third she decided to have home births.  She had a great experience and glad she was able to experience this. "I would not hesitate to have another home birth since it is such a great experience.  Being at home for the birth, with Annabelle and our family, with love, gratitude and familiarity could not have been a better place to bring Abigail and Clayton into the world.  We are blessed to have three, wonderful, healthy children who have been checked and adjusted since birth to allow their mind, body and spirit the greatest expression of life!”

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